You Did It Before and Youll Do It Again
Wasting All the Time I Spent
You Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face
And Everything's Such a Daze
Cuz Youre Not Focused and I Know
I Know That My Feelings Will Show
Wish It Went Back to the Way It Was
But I Know It Cant Be
Im Running On Empty, Im Runnin On Empty
Remember What It Meant to Me
Its Up to Me, I Realize Now
I Guess Its Up to Me, and Ill Win Somehow
I Guess Its Up To....
Youre Absent and I Know It
And Its Time to Let Me Show It
I Just Wish You Were the Same
I Guess Its Up to Me
And I Know (Lets Go)
Changing Faces and Fading Fast
The Way That You Always Have
The Piece of Mind That Felt Like Home
Is Battered and Broken and Old
And Sometimes Things, They Pass You By
And Thats Why Im Wondering Why
The Easiest Thing Is to Be Weak
And Youre Lazy So Youll Stay That Way

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