Ah ha ha
Ah yeah
Yo what's up?
Welcome to Mr. B's new demo
Buggin' out homes
This is our fourth demo ya'll
On the fourth of July
Ya'll know four times four equals sixteen tracks
Divided by two
Which is half of four
Equals OU818
Ah shit
Yo Trey, where's the goddammed drum machine?

Ah damn, I left the muthafucker with Dunn

You dumb muthafucker, what the fuck are we going to do now?
Let me bust this Van Halen album one time.
Cold chillin'
Eh homes... John Holmes?
Heard that muthafucker died of AIDS or something crazy like that
No way
Shit man, I heard he fucked fourteen thousand bitches man
Ah hype
That's fucked up
And how
You know the square root of fourteen million is

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