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Merry Go Bye Bye

Mr. Bungle

They're shining searchlights in the sky
'Cause there's a new God in the sign
It says their map is not their terrier work
And then I broke my telescope
But that's the nature of the game
And you have to play

Bring back the pain of a God that's never blue
You're in control of the whole damned universe
Bring back the fame and the bright lights on a few
It keeps me coming back to you

The deaths were faked, the laughs were cries
But resurrections are doing fine
You got me walking into suicide
And I'll be there right by your side
In reproduction at your merry go bye bye

Here to paradise they go
Brighter made is their woe
As above, so below

We reached for an outside point of view
But its out of touch with me and you
I feel I'm walking into suicide
But you'll be right there by my side
To beam my message into space as I die

Bring back the shame of the many for the few
Get on your knees and I'll be coming back to you
Bring back the pain of an inverse world for two
It keeps me coming back to you

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Written by: Danny Heifetz / Trey Spruance. Isn't this right? Let us know.


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