Dedicate this to all the ladies from all the guys
through situations in life yo know
Got ya ladies knahmean
Some of them we hurt you knahmean
Some women out there just love to run with niggaz you know
Its like you got to take some time out
and recognize the love you have ya knahmean
I want to dedicate this to my old lady ya knahmean
We going to do it

[Verse 1]
That's why I miss you much
Your laughs lips your touch
All those things we shared
To show each other we cared
Candle light nights out
Lets get it on lights out
Wipe your eyes don't cry
This love we got it won't die
I promise this no lie
As long as we both try
To come close and make it work
I know deep down it hurt

[Chorus]-Glenn Lewis
All the tears and the pain
Never again I'll put you through it
But we can make it
Find it in your heart, in your heart

[Verse 2]
Kiss and make up
I know that will be hard
I love from the start
Now your hearts been scarred
I stand here alone
I feel like the dirt
You lost your main squeeze
Fuck her nice work
The whole town is laughing at me I'm a clown
I Smile on the outside but inside I frown


[Verse 3]
I apologize for all I have done
Caught between the walls I can't run
I sweared I wish I had you near
I sweared I wish I had you here
Yeah you got me in my zone
Come back and make this house a home
If I could take it back I would
Excuse the way I act no good
Never meant to make you cry
Don't want to hear you say bye-bye
For another why
Lets give this love another try


[Verse 4: Glenn Lewis]
I know I promised babe
If you believe in me
I know at times I let you down
If it were me ask myself could I take it
In my heart as a man might not make it
Honestly sincerely truthfully I come to you
Despite all that I do yeah we can yeah yeah


I Love you I love you I love you
Believe it when I say baby
Oooooo baby
I'm sorry
I'm sorry whoooo
Whoo I am sorry baby
Sorry Baby ooohh

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Written by: G. Lewis / Mr. Cheeks / R. Harrell. Isn't this right? Let us know.