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46 And On

Mungo Jerry

Back in '46 the year I was born,
They learned a lot of things, it was the end of the war,
Sweets were on ration, there wasn't much fashion,
But everybody had fun, there was so much to be done,
Peace in the air, new coats on the chair,
You could turn out a light, and go out at night

The radio brought new sounds to the air,
The comics we bought, were full of good gear,
Superman, Spiderman, Marvelman, Desperate Dan,
Superboy, Wonderboy, Fab Four, Rob Roy

When I was real small, before I went to school,
We'd play on the fields, or go to the pool,
We might build a camp and hide from out dads,
Or go to the park and stay out 'till dark,
Play doctors and nurse and chase all the girls,
They'd tell their mums and we would be cursed

We'd chew lots of gum, knock doors and run,
Play do or dare, and get real scared,
The big boys would laugh they thought they were hard,
We'd kiss our first chick and show thew our stick,
Those times are gone but it's still goin' on,
I remember those days and it still turns me on

I first heard rock an' roll when I was ten,
It was Bill Haley's voice, I was layin' in bed,
Rock around the clock was a big hit,
But I didn't catch on 'till I heard Elvis sing,
Hound dog was the song and it didn't take long,
To get a guitar and start boppin' along

Well, I got up a group and wrote some tunes,
Hit the charts in early June,
Mighty man, In the summertime,
I've lived hard, I've lived fine,
Seen the world, sailed and flown,
Seen the best, seen the worst.

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