Unraveling the gruesome nest of tales
Sadistic magician
A crime scene set left to resemble hell
Sadistic magician
A brain consumed obsessed within itself
Sadistic magician
Lives left wreaked to cast the perfect spell

I cannot run, I cannot see
All I know is death is surrounding me
Tied down and trapped
Someone set me free
No chance to escape, nowhere to flee

The smell of burning flesh fills up the lungs
The sound of chanting ringing through your ears
Your voice is lost from screaming out for help
It feels like you have been here trapped for years

Convinced that this will be the final outcome
You're pleading for it now so you can rest
Instead he's trapped here in the hands of a maniac
Who's convinced he's a sorcerer of death

Thick smoke completely filled up his enclosure
The blade is getting closer to the throat
Your life begins to flash before your own very eyes
And slips away as you begin to choke

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