Something's Missing


I've got two wheels on my tricycle
and four toes on each foot
I've got six days in my week
and up with this I will not put
I'm a bath without a plug
and I'm a handle with no jug
I'm a kiss without a hug unless you're near me
I've got three strings on my violin
and I'm an only twin
Something's missing, something's missing, something's __-__-ing

Well, my cat has only got eight lives,
he chases two blind mice
On my birthday, when I get three cheers,
they only cheer me twice
I'm an oil well with no oil
and I'm a plant that has no soil
I'm a kettle that won't boil unless you're near me
Two and two make three when I add;
you're an orphan, says my dad
Something's missing, something's missing, something's __-__-ing

But, whenever you come close to me,
my life is all complete
No longer do I have four toes,
no longer two left feet
I'm a playground full of swings
and I'm an eagle with his wings
I'm a nightingale that sings because you're near me
Now, my love, I beg you stay 'cause,
when you stay, then I can say
Nothing's missing, nothing's missing, nothing's mi ... ... ssing

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