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The Songless Bird

My Dying Bride

The very deepest of your wishes
Climb up high, take my hand
Tread carefully through these sickening angels
Look at your God, look at the way he stands
The uterine murderess dies herself
Let me show you all my pain
Sardonyx lays waste to your eyes and leaves you blind
Gone is the day
They that did feed, delicately
Feed on me
The call has come, from bird and beast
Insect and serpent, and all that lives in the sea
And cities of fire, rip through me
My life a widower sad
On your knees, smell your disease
If I live you will be sorry
I have a thousand forms
Uninjured by your tongue
I'm working to ensnare you
Couple your name with cruelty
The mother of dying children
My hatred is unnumbered
It rises in my breast
We've lived with our suffering
But now?

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