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Hey Victoria, do you still hide my letters
under the mattress you lay on with him?
Do you even remember putting them there?
I'd say probably not
But I'm here and I'm writing, by the light of the candle
That I once used when I'd write you

Oh Victoria, the girl in the flowered dress
It seems you've forgotten - is this some kind of test?
And if so, I hope I'm doing well
And on the Fourth of July while I sit and cry
You and Mr. Wonderful can have the time of your lives

Oh Victoria, did you have a good time in France?
Hey don't worry, 'cause nothing's going to change - you said
Words in the wind, well they certainly do come easy
Eight months now I've been waiting for you to come around
Beating my head against the wall - you never believed me
Why would you worry? Why would you worry?

All in all, I'd still say thank you. You showed me a life I neverknew
All in all, I'd still say I love you. All in all, I surrender
All in all

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