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Man In My Life


They'll be no darkness tonight
baby our love will shine (light in your love)
we've had our share of bad times
but now we're in paradise
(loving each other right)
you're every wonder in this world to me
i'll never let my baby leave me

Even thought we've been though
ups and downs
you know i'll always be around
why did you do me that way
but i still love you baby
why did you hurt me that way babe
'cause you will always be the man in my life

won't you lay back in my tenderness
let's make this a night we won't forget
boy i need your sweet caress
so, let's forget about those other days
we'll make 'em all just fade away
and never ever let nobody come between us
i never wanna lose your trust now

baby babe even thought that i'm a
pretty young thang
you messed up and you did some wrong thangs
but i don't give a damn cuz you will
always me my man


when you left i thought about so
many things
and boy i never wanna feel this way again
i got petrified and lost my self control
i don't ever want you to go nowhere
don't ever want you to leave
don't go nowhere (don't leave me baby)
don't leave me babe (don't leave me baby)
woh, oh, ooh

ooh boy let me keep you warm
you are the man
fill you with the sweetest love
always the man
lay back in my tenderness
you are the man
rock me with your sweet caress
always the man


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