Once Upon A Time


oh yes
check this out

nobody has to tell me
where my heart resides
cuz you always been there for me
everytime i cry
and even though theres always
mistakes we make in life
girl i care for you
i give you all i have inside

i'd walk across the sun
to write your name in lights
i'd fly across the sky with your wings
once upon a time
for you i will say anything
but i can't say good-bye
your memories i'll keep with me for life
your my once upon a time

oh yeah

so what are you afraid of
that my love wont stay true (always be true always be true)
what do i have to do girl
so you will know for sure
i promise i'll be there everytime you talk
i promise i'll be the one that catch your fall
cuz my search for love is through
your my fairytale come true


girl you know i only say
what i mean to say
and right now i tell you
your the one for all my life
so baby wont you take my hand
i'll make you understand
i'll be your love for evermore
well lifes so short
but footsteps in the sand



your my once upon a time

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