A Sanguine Tide Unleashed


Men of Isa
Your end is fucking nigh
Like a surging wave we come for you
With murder in our eyes

Vermin filth
Bastard sons of the virgin whore
You're the plague that walk upon this earth
And we are the cure

A sanguine tide unleashed

Deceitful tongues
False words spreading like disease
So I would rather suffocate
Than share the air you breathe

Shameful stains of Adam
Your God was never here
And the shackles of your morals
Were never mine to wear

The sanguine tide unleashed

Invoke the inner beast
Their blood shall be spilled

The cold howling wind
Shall sing through their bleaching bones
A hymn most ethereal
A funereal dirge

So here we are gathered
Upon this charnel ground
To end the line of Abraham
The horns of damnation now sound

A tide of death is now rising
Feel it coursing through our veins
Let loose its glorious power
And let it send you to your graves

Their arms reached towards Heaven
Pleading safety behind the gates
With fervent prayers left unheard
They fall prey to our burning hate

The sanguine tide unleashed
The sanguine tide unleashed
The sanguine tide unleashed

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