Look around I hear them whisper
All the lights begin to flicker
Paranoia fills my head
Heart it pounds my face is red
The silence drowning out my screams
See everybody look at me
Their bodies turning into beasts
There eyes are red they come for me

Wait it’s only in my head just breath in breath out
Another episode just calm down calm down

Instincts waging war inside
The hold me up so tight
Fear freezes me to ice
I’m locked up inside my mind

Mind it wavers back and forth
Paranoid so calm and sure
Lucid dreaming everyday
From chill to hyperventilate
See everything that could go wrong
It clings to me from dusk to dawn
To isolates the only way
As mental health deteriorates

Everything’s foggy hold on breath in breath out
Another morning come on calm down down

Won’t you let me go - Won’t you let me go - I can’t take much more - Won’t you let me go

Don’t know if I’m awake or I’m asleep
These thoughts are burying me deep
Afraid of eery little thing
I’m drowning - I’m drowning
This souls just longing here for peace
But the darkness screams and shouts and shrieks
Shoot all their arrows down on me
Please save me please save me

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