Fates on a mission and I'm riding shotgun, man
I'm looking for a revolution in these stale plastic decades, man
All he bombs and drugs don't seem to penetrate, man
All our minds being neutralised by these fucking Playstations, man

My father's generation they had fire in their bellies, man
We sit there like living room furniture in front of our tellies man
I don't know about you but me and me, I'm a suffering man
While these dreams of reaching dreams seem all too distant, man

Sometimes I wish I didn't know about Marcus Mandela and Marley man,
Cause now I'm looking for a leader, well hey, I'm still looking man
While I keep breathing and I'm still seeking, but I don't have a plan man,
With these lost shadows and these broken souls of our generations man,

There's fire on the roads and there's no one at home man
We still knocking on the door and wonder why there's no answer man
Well I'm down if your down so let's bring down this bigger man
And like these youths today you see me, I'm just trying to be a man,
And like these youths on road you see me, I'm just trying to be a man
Hey man
(Hey, hey)
Hey man

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