Photo of the artist Neal Morse

New Jerusalem (Freedom Is Coming)

Neal Morse

Night comes in deals of bloom
Mothers shouting in the rain
And fathers checking out once again
Where do you go?
You've formed yourself to cover up the secret wound
Of love... Love, the secret wound

All is revealed in time
Walkin' with the wounded, separated from your heart then your mind
They signed the degree
We will not seek after what will surely never be
But love... But love
The chains will be broken

Come on, come on! Come out of the rain!
Come on, come on! You won't feel any pain
Come on, come on! Where love lives again
Come on, this is the new jerusalem
(Freedom is coming)
(Freedom is coming for us all)
(Freedom is coming)
(Freedom is coming for us all)

The street lives inside the skin
Hidden deep within you, an eternity awaits to begin
And I am like you, I need my friends to tell me how it is
From time to time

All you have suffered and all you've declared
All of those memories when no-one cared
All that division, the tears that you cried
It's time to come because you know that you can't hide
You cannot hide!

As long as you're here, as long as there's life
You will be raised and there will be light
Yes, there will be light!

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