I have longed to eat with you and drink once more
With the ones I know
Before I go
We shall not partake like this until that day
When the kingdom's come
Through the death of the Son
This is how it must be done
This is my body that is broken for you
This is my blood that makes the covenant new
Behold the one who betrays me is here among you!

Who is it oh, Rabbi?
Who is it my Savior?
Surely it is not I
Who could be the traitor?
Who is it my master?
Give us who's the taker
Who is there among us?
Who could be the traitor?

I would surely die for You Lord Jesus
I would surely die for You
I will be with You 'til the end Lord Jesus
I am going to see this through

Before the cock crows this very morning
You shall deny me, Peter
Remember my words – three times this morning
You shall deny my name

I tell you that it isn't true Lord Jesus
I tell you that it isn't true
I would never turn my back on You Lord
I will never turn on You

This I say to the one who will betray
You are one I love
What you sold was more than my blood
You chose the devil's way
Your guilt will take you down
So go do what you must do now!

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