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The Black Priests Of Chaos


Let me tell you about a dream
In the land of oblivioin
But I warn you can be scared
This is such a nightmare

The Black Priests of Chaos
Walking in the cosmic wheels
Sharing dreams, sharing plans
All they want is blow our heads

In a dark room out of time
The Black Priest share his mind
His life don't belong to him
Now he's floating in the wind

Lock the dark room, go away
Only one Black Priest can stay
He's the elder, he's the chosen
He's the master of confusion

Can you hear it in your mind?
Can you see it in your eyes?

No, there's no more Black Priest here
Just a shadow, just a channel of communication

Looking to the Old Gods
Feelin' so small
Just a man, a lonely man
in the eye of Chaos

I can touch the sky
I can touch the pain
'till the end of time
And back again

Dreaming of the Old Ones
Flying high, flying so high
Moving faster
Stars are burning in my hand

I'm falling, it's the end
It's too much

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