Out Of Time Man

Mano Negra

I'm walkin' out for love
I'm walkin' bad really down
Like a cool breeze
I'm gonna be late again
"Driver!" Wait for me please!"
I'm runnin' all in vain
Tryin' to catch
This fuckin' train
"Time don't fool me more"
& I throw my watch to the floor
(It's so lazy)
"Time don't do it again"
Now I'm stressed & strained
With anger & pain
In the subway train
Now it's half past two
Long gone the rendez-vous
Now it's half past three
Time made a fool out of me
Now it's half past four
No use in waiting no more
Baby can't you see
It'a timing tragedy
I think it's nine
When clock says ten
This girl wouldn't wait
For the out of time

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