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  1. Miúda Linda
  2. Boa sorte
  3. Something Good
  4. Break Of Dawn (part. Richie Campbell)
  5. Fazer Amor Ma Bo
  6. Ela É (feat. Big Nelo)
  7. Simple Girl
  8. In My Feelings (part. Mikkel Solnado)
  9. Cré Sabe (part. Carlos Silva e Q-Plus)
  10. Sexy Lady (feat. Ali Angel)
  11. Rebound chick
  12. Ride Or Die
  13. Nha Baby (part. Mayra Andrade)
  14. Amor Perfeito
  15. How It Used To Be (feat. Vanda May)
  16. I Just Want My Baby Back
  17. So Mi Ku Bo
  18. I've Got A Girl
  19. Bo É Kel Amdjer
  20. It's Over