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Verse: The rain falls down, and it hits the ground
I see him smile, and it makes me angry
If you could only see, just what you mean to me,
Then things will be the way they should be

Prechorus: Turn back without a word, and you don't see me...

Chorus: I'd love to beat that smile off his face,
And run away with you, hand in hand
I can't pronounce his name,
But all the shit he puts you through makes me sick,
All I wanna do is be with you

2nd Verse: I sit outside and spend my time
just staring up at your window,
All my thoughts start racing threw my mind
I start to give up hope,
When all you do is turn your back,
It breaks my heart to see you when your crying....

(repeat pre/chorus)

Bridge: Make the pain stop, I'm bleeding.....
Without you there's nothing else in my life,
you fall in love, then break your heart
All I wanna do is make you happy.....

(repeat chorus)

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