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Home Again

New Edition

I've been away for much too long
I hope you still feel I belong
I didn't mean to cause you pain
Nothin' to lose, much more to gain
So can you stand the rain?

Just when I thought that we were through
I found my way right back to you
I can't change what happened in the past
And won't promise this time it would last
Can you stand the rain?
(Can you stand the rain?)

So on the story goes
Heaven only knows
The road of life will turn
A lesson we will learn
And no one knows but fate how we'll end
People who know
They say you can't go
`Home Again
But if you ask me
I'm happy to be home again

I stand here all alone confused
'Cause I like living with or without you
Will our story end
Like a fairy tail
Or just another heartbreak
Only time will tell


(Home Again)
No matter where
No matter how
No turning back
No stopping now
'Cause we may never ever pass this way again


MIKE (Spoken):
So now you kinda understand the story, right
Me and the fellas trying to bring this back together
Just like old times
Ya'll know when it used to be Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike,Ralph,
Take it back like that
So fellas, let's take this record home
And this time, let's stay there

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