Hope you’re listening
Want you to hear me
I got a lot to say
And get off my mind
You dragged my family name through the dirt
I kept my mouth shut, digested the hurt
Towards the end I heard you talking to another
Two months later, you were calling them your lover

So what makes you think that you’re better
Better than anyone

You’re no angel
No heaven would want you now

Did I jump too soon, reaching for the ledge
Pull myself up to you. You stomped my finger tips
I called and asked you back
You said it didn’t matter
But no one knows that cause then you wouldn’t be a martyr

So what makes you think that you’re better
Better than anyone?
So what makes you feel
You’re more perfect
More perfect than everyone?

Is there any good you think about or are just all the bad times that we had
Stored in your memory.
Found a photo from eight years ago that made me smile and wonder how you’re doing
So what’s wrong with me
I guess lashing out makes it easier, something to sing about just makes it easier
Why can’t I let it go, I just won’t let it go.
I’m no angel.

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