I go blind when I look straight into the sun
I go deaf when I hear thunders on the run
But when I see you sleeping here beside me, life's just begun
I can tell it to the whole world, you're the one
I see your shadow cast on the wall when the sun shines
I hear you calling through the window when it rains
I tend to tremble when I start to think of just you and I
I don't know why, there's no reply
It doesn't matter what happens to the weather,
I'm shivering when I'm standing alone,
A storm is forming deep inside me,
A hurricane has got a life of it's own,
It's doesn't matter what happens to the weather,
Without you I'm just falling apart,
The snow is freezing all my senses,
When hail falls down,
Then it's already too late for heartbreak!

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