Burning At Both Ends

Nik Kershaw

What's the matter with your face?
What's the matter with they way you talk?
What you doing with that spoon?
You should be eating with a knife and fork
Take a look at your body
Take a look at your state of play
You've had your fun and now it's time to pay
I'm doing O.K.
Well look at me, I'm doing O.K.
Good, cos'
I'm burning at both ends
Running on spare juice
Living from line to line
I'm burning at both ends
Surviving on borrowed time
Maybe it's me who's doing it wrong
Maybe I'm falling behind
Maybe I'd come to your party
If I was the Hari Kari'ing kind
Sooner or later it'll catch you up
Sooner or later you'll see
You may not be around to disagree
Are you talking to me
You couldn't be talking to me
Good, cos'

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