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Fall In Love Mit Mir (translation)

Nina Hagen

Ahoy, you lonesome boy
I could be true to you for life
'Cause you look so cool
Do me a favor and take out your thing there.

Oh Hellmut, you're so handsome
And only just fifteen
You've got such sexy shoes on
Oh Hellmut, yooyoo yoohoo.

Oh lets get stripped
And take along some booze
I need you today so much
And that ain't all that tough.

Fall in love with me
I fell long ago with you
I don't want love and romance
I want, I want...well, what do you think?

Your slacks are great
Your red hair's super-short
Oh fall in love with me
Or else I'll let a whopper loose.

Young and strong like you
Is outasight shoobidoodoo
You give me such a look
Oh Hellmut, Hellmut, man oh maaaan!

Fall in love with me...
The two of us
Me and you
You and me
La paloma ohé.

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