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Do You Love Me Now


I heard my name, did you call me ?
Did you speak truth, when you dug wounds,
When you spilled blood, did you say love ?,
When you promised the most high,
You will not betray

Do you love me now (x4)

Yes, it's heavy on my heart to communicate,
Absentminded on the earth devoted to sin,
Not knowing i'm dead,
Your phrases are highly majestic,
I am amazed by your great linguistics,
Yet your words are placed together,
To sell dubious manifestoes,
The end is devastating, barrage of lies,
Your words are sweet enticing but false grandeur,
Still i go, i go to the foutain where waters flow,
Where the truth uprises there i will grow now

Do you love me (x4)
I will grow

I know i have never been found,
It is dark for we are all blind,
In solitude we know god
In public we do not act god,
Is it destiny is it mean to be,

Do you love me now,
Now that everything has been said and done,
Do you love me, now that i function in your madness,
Do you love me now, for your love is so cold,
Oh sodom and gomorrah caution !!
Do you love me, now that i am no longer me

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