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Ain't Gonna Look The Other Way

No Angels

Used to be easy, used to have truth hangin' round
Never had secrets, always singing your praises now good and loud
All I got is questions, and you left me wondering why
Why you keep your distance, every lonely night

When love was bound together
We lived it by the letter
Can't close my eyes forever
'Cause everything has changed and now

I ain't gonna look the other way
No no
After all the clouds go by, its just another empty sky
I aint gonna wait to see the rain
No no
Nothin's gonna make it right, look at me 'cause I choose life

It's all about giving, it's not about winning the game
My mind was open, ready or not you closed it up again
Still I keep asking, if you got something to hide
I never stop learning, all the reasons why

It took about a minute
To find the point and hit it
Gotta take this life and live it
'Cause everyting has changed and now


When all the lights go out so suddenly, I lose my way
Baby tell me
Is something going on
You gotta free me, this time I'm gonna be strong


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