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Open The Gate

No Doubt

I see you from the distance
From beyond the fence you've made
Hiding all your feelings
Behind your barricade

Have you been invaded
Is this the reason why you hide
I know just how you're feeling
I know so let me inside

Open the gate up
Open the gate up, hurry
Open the gate up, hurry

I want to get near you
But you just won't let me in
'Cause you're so scared of losing
Everything you've got within

Come on now you can trust me
Come on open the door
I know just how you're feeling
I know, I've been there before


Do it right now
Open the gate up... Or I'm gonna knock the damn door down!

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Written by: Adrian Young / Eric Stefani / Gwen Stefani / No Doubt / Tom Dumont / Tony Kanal. Isn't this right? Let us know.