Driving your car down Madison Avenue
Yellow streetlight, trashcans green and blue
Just off Broadway, a siren starts singing songs

You're trying hard to keep it tight
But the memory of a past life keeps on pushing through
And now when you sleep
You dream of bright little lost things you left behind you
You don't want 'em back

You just like the feeling that you get when you remember
Falling in and out of love, late nights in the summer
Baseballs in gloves and grass stains on your knees
Kissing in the rain in a Galaxie 500

Sneaking up the stairs while your parents are asleep
Then bodies in beds with names you can't remember
The streets at 2AM after closing down the bar
The way the day breaks from a rooftop in Brooklyn
Is the way the heart aches to know and to be known

I wanna stay here for a while
I wanna stay here for a while

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