Photo of the artist Odetta

Yonder Come The Blues


I worry all day, I worry all night
Every time my man comes home, he wants to fuss and fight
When I pick up the paper and read the news,
just as I'm satisfied, yonder comes the blues

Went down to the river each and every day
Trying to keep my courage give myself a break
I walked and walked till I wore out my shoes
I can't walk no further, yonder comes the blues

Folks never worry, things go on all right
We lie down on a sofa, weep and cry all night
When I gets a letter, it never bring good news
Every time I see the mailman, yonder comes the blues

Go back blues don't you come this way
Give me something else beside the blues all day
Every man I love, I've been refused
And when I want some loving yonder comes the blues

All kinds of blues and they're mighty bad
Blues that bother me are the worst I've ever had
I've been disgusted and all confused
every time I look around yonder come those blues

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