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Hold Me For A While

Oleta Adams

"Listless days of feeling insecure
Makes it even harder to endure
There's a way that you can make me smile
Only if you'll hold me for a while

Lots of speeches leave us limp and week
Darling there's no need for us to speak
You can stop my heart from running wild
Only if you'll hold me for a while

Hold me, fold me in your arms
Baby, be my refuge and keep me from the storm
Will you enclose me - keep the villain out
Darling (isn't) that's what you and I are all about

There is always time for making love
Darling, that's not what I'm in need of
Help me rest as peaceful as a child
I will if you'll hold me for a while



(Last verse)
Only if you'll hold me…for a while

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