Never Forget The Cross

One Bad Pig

Old times are hazy, oh I was crazy
I was more than just a little deranged
When Jesus found me, He did astound me
My heart and mind He has totally changed
I don´t remember all the times I lied
Can´t recall all the days I failed
Don´t remember all the people I hurt
But can´t forget the Hands I nailed

Never forget the cross

I´m so decerning, got Bible learning
I´ve explored the most profound mysteries
I took a tumbling, I needed humbling
He burst my pride and drove me to my knees
He doesn´t count how much I speak in tongues
He´s unimpressed by my pious game
He´s not fazed by the money I give
But remembers I called on Jesus´ name

Never forget the cross

Never forget it!!!!!

There´s no victory gained without no loss
No resurrection without no cross
No golden crown without no nails
Trade my life for a Love that never fails

Never forget the cross

Never forget the cross...

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