Fractured view of life fictions starts to decay there's no escape from self there's no escape
From the pain facade walls pulled down image world forced out return of the repressed there's
No escape from self there's no escaping what's locked on the inside and there's no running
From that wich i cannot hide reality opposed returns to victimize mirror images only serve to
Terrorize a world constructed from fairy tales a foolish answer to what's real awake to the
Truth or live a lie the bane of my own existence is trapped on the inside you cause the pain
That i suffer and you cast the blame on the other so many of our problems are your own
Creation and you'd see if only you'd examine your actions there's no escaping what's locked
On the inside so i embrace and accept myself with pride you made me this way you forced me to
This i am what i am i won't be father like son

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