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Belly Of The Beast


I'm a product of my environment
Og's goin' into early retirements
This is the art of war, black diamonds in the automo
If I talk, might start a war
Show starter, go to shaw, de la hoya
Son got a stick for the breast, [?]
Public announcements for public houses
Playn with they freedom, touchin' thousands
Rich folks send they kids off to yale
Raw folks send they kids off to jail

So fuck takin' limits and makin' limitname
We can take a half an ounce, turn it to a 28th
My bitch can't dress and neva [?]
A nigga can't drive a whip unless the whip's foreign
We in the club, throwin' tax free hundids
20 Niggas up and outta three black hummers
Stop puttin' fake grills on a whack green hyunits
Niggas ain't tryna see max b numbers
Hold yo head, son, this murda ran wrong
One for the struggle, two for the pain

Three for the kids out muggin' for change
Cause the bills don't stop, the bills don't stop
It's the belly of the beast and we ain't hungry
It's sticky fingers, you know I'm bout to black out
I neva go to sleep nigga, I pass out
And I don't wake up, I come to
I'm scared to death cause everything I do come true
I got a lot of things, but no sympathy
I keep the ratchet pockets neva on empty
I'm in that bentley, please don't tempt me

Compound lawyers, I beat in the temp beat
Look at my face, do it look like I'm jokin'?
The beat it nosey niggas get they nose broken
Sometimes the hardest nigga be the most sour spoken
Pop on guns, get thrown in the ocean
I'm not a gambler, a hustle nigga cashed out
Before I break, I pull that guns and that mask out
As a kid, I was raised in the trap [??]
Like a rat throwin' rocks thru a glass house

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