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Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman

Tony Orlando

Time is on my side
Though the world keeps gettin' colder
'Cause I've got you girl to ease my troubled mind
Ooh ooh

I'm a different man
When your head is on my shoulder
I can find the answers in me
That I never thought I'd find


Cause when you look in my eyes pretty woman
The world is a peaceful place
All I can see when there's you and just me
Is love upon your face

Stand by me baby
And we'll find a way
Before our day is done
Look in my eyes pretty woman
And we'll overcome

Love, my guiding star,
You're my faith, my hope, my power
When I just can't find a reason to believe
Ooh Ooh

Touch my hand with love
And you light my darkest hour
I can feel the warmth returning
And the pain about to leave


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