You never knew just what it costed
Living like a child, suffocating like a hostage
How could you know?
And you tried to the fight ‘em
But they wouldn't have it
Sent you to college where you picked up those habits
And I'm not sure, that there's a cure for those feelings you feel
Those dead feelings you’re feeling inside

Don't ever tell, not even when they ask
He’s a pillow for your head while you're laying on your back
And you know, which ones to take fast and to take slow
Made it a point to destroy the order
Filling up your bong with their holy water
Gotta find a way to get back
Without falling on your face flat
And it moves faster than you ever thought it would
Faster than you thought it should

The tide is rising, it's gonna carry gonna you away
And negate all those half-hearted things you used to say
Like how you’ll never, you’re never gonna fall in love
Because you’ll never, you’re never gonna get enough

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