Cry On My Shoulder


You say you're falling apart.
Reached the end of the line.
Just looking for your place inan ordinary life.
No one calls you friend.
No one even knows your name.
You just want to feel loved instead of all the pain.

You no longer have to say.
No one's listening anyway.

Come here and cry on my shoulder.
I'll hold you till it's over.
I'll rescue you tonight.
Let my arms be your shelter,
Your hiding place forever.
I'll love you more than life.

You're wearing a frown.
Given up on hope.
My heart is reaching out.
More than you will ever know.
Is your burden too much?
Is it more than you can bear?
I'll help carry the load if you're willing to share.

You have had some hard times.
Had thorns placed in your side.
I know about what you've been going through.
Tears of pain are falling down.
It hurts so bad you're crying out.
Your problems won't last forever.
Let Me put you back together.

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Written by: Overflow / Scotty Wilbanks. Isn't this right? Let us know.