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Critical moments pass
As doctrines of fools will last
I am just trying to cope
Into my horrorscope
Through eyes and ears they bleed
Reciting their holy creed
Heeding but one request
The future put to rest
Bless me in darkened days
Down to my knees I pray
I'm just trying to cope
Within my horroscope
In the wake of all frustration
I begin to lose control
Watched as the weapons fire
Bombs bursting in the air
Burned in the fields of fire
Standing in the middle of nowhere
Watched as the weapons fire
Baptized in fields of fire
The change is her
The future clear
I can feel it coming
So full of hate
It's getting late
Yeah, I know it's comin
When all the choice
Turned to just one voice
Yeah, the wind is turning
This is your
Words laced with blasphemy
Drip with sincerity
Fallin' into the plan
Like sacrificial lambs
Hearing the words and said
Rings like a nail through the head
Now I can't see the stars
Know we have gone too far

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