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P. Olli

This song goes out to jack's mother
your mother is a butch
i want to fuck her in the ass
she's a hot MILF
and you know i ain't playin'
so what you think about that

now let me tell you that...
i came into your house late last night
fucked your momma
now she owes me a dollar
for everytime that she holla

she want to get it on
'til the break of dawn
when we all alone with the lights on
turn 'em off, time to get her off
get her panties off and then she cough
choked up on my cock
when i stuck it in her
but don't hold it against her

now she's a...
B the U the T the C the H the hoe
you know a butch, a butch
(repeat 3x)

so i'm on my way over to your house tonight
so make sure the door is unlocked my friend
'cuz P. Olli kickin' it wit your mom again
gonna lick her clit til she tell me quit
then i'll fuck her raw while your father watch

he can't do a damn thing with my glock to his throat
puttin pressure on him
whats a matter fool u wanna call 911 (yea)
but you know i'ma kill ya no matter what (no u won't)
WHAT?! [bang]
better not scream butch but your man is dead (noooo)
he doubted my words so i shot em' in da head (cool)
know suck my dick pretty please (why?)
dont ask questions, get on your knees
before i shoot you too
and you know what i can do
dont tempt me [bang]
oops i shot you too
sorry jack

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