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  1. Another Sort Of Blacklist
  2. Black Elk
  3. Cheering Section
  4. Cool Breeze's Daring Escape From Hogtown
  5. Employment Fair
  6. Fucked From The Start
  7. Garbage
  8. Haunted House Movie
  9. Home Is Killing
  10. I'm The Most Important Fucking Person In The Whole World
  11. If You're Not Satisfied With Our Current Arrangement...
  12. Let's Have a Kid! Sure, Why Not?
  13. Mark's Shit
  14. Matured? You Bet!
  15. Nathan Collier
  16. Palatka Kills Young Republicans Without Batting an Eyelash
  17. Rate x Time = Distance
  18. Recite Ad Nauseam
  19. Rock Concert
  20. Smoking Section


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