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Can You Imagine


We've Been Walking in the Same Situation
We've Been Walking Down the Lonely Road
Try to Find the World, What Can I Tell You
All My Feelings That You Just Won't Let Go
And I Don't Know How, and I Don't Know Why
But I Can't Stop Now Until I Make You Mine

Can You Imagine You and Me
Falling in Love So Tenderly
Can You Imagine That We Are One
That We Are One
Every Moment Goes By
I Find Another Reason Why
That You and I Should Be Lost in Love
Can You Imagine Girl

Every Night Goes As I Lay Here Dreaming
I Imagine That You Are Here With Me
Have to Wonder Do Share This Feeling
Have You Ever Thought How We Would Be
If You Have a Doubt
I'll Make It Right
Cause I Can't Stop Now Until I Make You Mine

I've Been Waiting For This Perfect Moment
I've Been Waiting I'm So Lost
I Gotta Make You See That I Need You Here With Me
In My Arms Is Where You Belong


Baby Lost in Love

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