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Changed My Mind

Pappa Bear

Pappa bear has somethin' to say
women are bitches
you can't live with 'em
but you certainly can live without 'em
all you need are a couple of dirty mags,
some excellent DVD porn,
and the hand of your choice

now i know every once in a while guys want pussy
and thatz cool
but you have to ask yourself
"is it really worth it?"
the answer is always NO
i don't care how horny you are
i don't care how tite the bitches pussy is or how great itfeels
girls bitch too much

they always bitch and moan
if women were more like men in the not bitchin department
the world would be a better place
guys could get laid and not have to "cuddle"
for an hour afterward
damnit, i got shit to do
so basically what i am saying is

bitches brainwash you with their pussy
i was brainwashed when i wrote "cherish"
but know i have been cured and i wish
that i never made that damn song
i am sorry for the poor fools who have
girlfriends that like my song

and if you're stupid enough to sing along
the lyrics to your lady then...
you need to have your balls re-attached
just like i did
fuck "cherishing the love"
suck my fucking ass

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