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Pineapple & Noodles (Or The Memories Of A Dt Lesson!)


I'm sittin here bored outa my brain
oh ow haha
Liz is really horrible
Dont write that! Oh God!
Paper please
Rock Band!
Have you got all your ideas?
Hello ok then freak
Transparent bits
Jo! Little Links
Rose in the middle
(Evil laugh) hey look what I'm doin'!
You need help
(tut tut) oh
Bye bye again?
Miles away
Wales - way!
I thought she was behind me
Good! That's my favourite
I fell asleep during rehearsals
There you go
oui! Fabulous! BOG ROLL!!
Wow, big machine
Talking to myself
I want it to snow
Shut up
What do you have to do?
Bellybuttons. That aint a nose!
Admire my wallet (high pitched) YES!
Ow! Goddamn glasses. Too many bits of paper
Is that all you've done?
Can anyone direct me to the library?
4 days at easter skiing!
That's so mean. It was from Mark.
Changind the subject........has anyone seen Ralph?
Do you have my review? I put it on your table
Swoop swoop lalalala
Tippex my butt
Ziggy Zag Plywood
I was on Dustins site-maybe he's really Brendan
You are brown - the colour of sh-can't say rude words man!
On the bulletin board it says about Manchester
I always get a runny nose at concerts

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