She said Los Angeles has never been so cold
she said we shouldn't even bother
she said the way things have been going
we've been showing signs of getting better
get her let her know that there is no more time
and that no one ever said forever
leaves you any time
well I'm lost so please get me out of here.
You've gotta be kidding me,
this is killing me,
won't let you throw away this chance of a lifetime,
you and me are so blind.
I'll say nothing
cause there's nothing nice to say this
quick before it loses meaning,
I've lost control and I'm screaming out loud.
I said Los Angeles was eating at her soul,
she said i sound more like her father.
LA could never compare to me.
I'm stalling from calling,
I know that you're bawling deep down in your heart
while we're graciously falling apart

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