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Dove Of Peace


Excuse me sir, you have a licence for that war
Raising Sodom and Gomorrah but what about tomorrow
Hey Mr. President you never present no evidence
When it is fully evident that your habit needs betterment
Yes I know who you are but could you please breath in this bag
And now let me see how straight a line you walk
How come you slur your speech like your words are out the reach

See people like you just don't practice what they preach
You say the people shall not kill
When you have blood on your hands
You say the people shall not steal
When you just talk what you can
Why can't you keep it real
Why can't you just come straight
I wonder how you sleep
Or if one day you will break

Chorus :
We've got to reach up as high as we can reach
Teach those with guns the power of speech
Remove the bullets from the breach
And feather a nest for the dove of peace

Gather the nest it's in our own interest
Tell me who wants to see that the red button being pressed
See there's war un the east and there's war in the west
They say god bless us there're saying god bless U.S
Why not invest the same amount of interest
In same other places where the oil doesn't rest
All people are blessed and this is a test
I make just one request let us clean up this mess


Is it drug that we take the doctrines in our head
I know we're not like that I know we're not all bad
We like to see children play see them o.k
Whatever happens why take that away


Composición: Patrice / Matt Kent / Cameron McVey · ¿Este no es el compositor? Avísanos.
Enviada por Alexandra
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