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Some may say there ain't no way
Your dreams gone see the light of day
Don't believe that you can't achieve whatever you're after
Can't be swade by the simple minds
That wanna hold you down
And in his time the pain you carry will be left far behind

Have you listen to the silence
Have you asked the Lord for guidance
Have you seen the many blessings you have received
Have you been in on the glory
Have you came to just adore the
Have you read all of his story's

Don't let no one stand in your life
Change the way you feel inside
Nobody on this earth can tell you what you're worth
Standup, you're a child of a king and you can do anything

You try to please everyone
Try to live your life
Release those old delusions
Stop wasting time
And start embracing his light and let it shine
Count your blessings when they say it
Ain't no way but ladies never stop believing in yourself
But in the Lord God you'll see all the answers
That free you from change that would seem to keep you standing still

[Repeat Chorus]

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Written by: Gerald Haddon / Nisan Stewart. Isn't this right? Let us know.