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Something Wrong With Me


I'd like to encourage you to believe the things I do
Fact is something's wrong inside of me
At times I find it hard to see what I really want to be
And that's when something snaps inside of me
I was once just like you
Born without a fucking clue
And now I live my life to be free
Live your life Jesus Christ
Trouble in paradise
Mom and dad they're not too proud of me

They're not too proud of me
They're not too proud of me
I'm never gonna be it's so plain to see
You are not like me

Look at what you've done to me a product of society
Confusion on your face is plain to see
I don't like your attitude think I'm lost think I'm rude
Your opinion's invalid to me
You don't like my tatoos how does this dishonor you
Don't you know what's inside of me
Sick and tired of all the lies when will you realize
I'm proud just being me

Yeah yeah I can't believe
Hopeless indecision's got a hold of me
Yeah yeah it's plain to see
I'm a product of society
There's something wrong with me
There's something wrong with me
Never gonna be what you wanna be
You are not like me

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