Pack your bags, we're leaving
Earth, where hate is seething
Nothing's worth believing
There's no time, make up your mind!
Imperial zeppelin

Quick, the engines are turning
Cabin lights are burning
Now there's no returning
We'll have love a mile above
Imperial zeppelin, imperial zeppelin, imperial zeppelin!

We, the undersigned, being of sound mind
Hereby do declare
We henceforth pledge ourselves unto the power
Of the upper air

Doesn't that sound simply super
Zeppelin visions of the future?
Of course we all know very well
It wouldn't work, but what the hell
Every dice deserves a throw
And when we get back home below
We can say we had a go!

Overboard we are throwing
Seeds of love we are sowing
Hope to God they're growing
Flying high across the sky
Imperial zeppelin!

We will try to do some good
I don't know why we really should
I only wish that we could!
Down below they'll see and know all about
Imperial zeppelin, imperial zeppelin, imperial zeppelin!

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