She locks up all those tears On her bed, the door closed
So she's all alone Halfway through her sophomore year The pressure's cut to the bone
Overwhelmed with the feelings she couldn't express
She paints red all over her fragile wrist Did she think she'd be alright?
Did she think she could live like this? So she prays to God To believe in trust, In hope, in life,
in love Whoa,
I'm coming back to the world I, I'll start it over again Whoa, I've fallen down by the wayside
I'll get up and sing it again Another day it's the same habit she tries to break It doesn't go away, her problems still stay There's more to life than this She's always had a choice and today She's found the inner strength to sing

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Written by: Dave Place / Phone Calls From Home / Zack Gowan. Isn't this right? Let us know.