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Election night in that wonderful
The president's speech wasn't half as loud as you
I listened, too
New year's eve at Rice Street again
We fell into the economy inn
After passing out on the steps of my hold

Let's flaunt it all unashamed
Give our friends a reason to complain
Let's go make out in that rain
Paint them a picture for their new frame

Let's go nowhere really soon
And we'll think of something to do
Just me and you

Let's dance dumb without a care
Nevermind those debutante stares
Let's go out there and show them how it's done
You get drunk and I'll chase you around
Just sit still and I'll find your crown
We'll go to cherry hill and wait there on the sun

We'll race go-carts into the night
Or get in a knock-down-drag-out fight
Scream at me and slam the door
I'll be asleep here on the floor

Let's just go somewhere really soon
I don't give a damn what we do
If it's me and you

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